Mosquito Prevention Eden Prairie

Do You Need Backyard Mosquito Control for Your Home?

Are you concerned about pests, in particular mosquitoes, as the  Eden Prairie weather begins to warm up? Do you want to find the best backyard mosquito control systems that you can use to minimize or eliminate them altogether from your backyard lawn? Whether you are a home owner or own a commercial space, you need to start taking action now if you are going to be comfortable in your yard for the rest of the nice weather.


Understanding Mosquitoes Behavior

First of all, it is important that you understand how mosquitoes live, in particular their breeding habits in Eden Prairie. Mosquitoes need to have standing water to lay their eggs in. If you have any water sitting in a container or otherwise being still anywhere in your backyard, you are more at risk for having a mosquito festival show up, whether you want it or not.

Remove all Standing Water

So, the first step in your backyard mosquito control efforts should be to remove all of the standing water. Now, if you have a water dish outside for your pets that is used daily, it will not make a hospitable home to the mosquito larvae. You can still give your pets the water that they need to be comfortable, just make sure that you rinse the container and add fresh water to it several times each week.

You should check for hidden spots of standing water as well, such as old planters that are hidden behind stuff. Remember that it only takes a small amount of water for their larvae to hang out and grow up. Be diligent in this prevention step if you want to keep the pest population under control.

There are other things that you can do to help get the mosquitoes under control in your outdoor space. One of them is to use plants that they find repulsive. You can either plant them in the ground or use potted plants if you don’t want to dig. Lemongrass, lavender and garlic are just a few of the plants that you can opt for in order to get rid of the pests that are haunting your outdoor areas.

Hiring an Expert Mosquito Service

You should also consider hiring a mosquito control expert. This can be useful to ensure that you have done everything possible to keep these unwanted pests at bay. You can find ones that use traditional means of pest treatment as well as folks who use organic and natural means to get rid of the pests.


No matter what you decide for your professional mosquito control service needs, it is vital that you don’t put off the task any longer. The sooner you begin to treat the pests that are there and take measures to prevent new ones from showing up, the sooner you will be able to get out in your Eden Prairie backyard and enjoy it. These efforts will take a minimal investment of time and money but will pay off big in the long run. Start doing it right now so you can check it off of your to do list!

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